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Kooler's Server Unban Requests

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26 Re: Kooler's Server Unban Requests on Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:45 am

Fluttershy wrote:
Kooler221 wrote:
Jagexxxx wrote:Byond Key:Haseo49
Reason for being banned:Rk
Why you think you should be unbanned:it wasnt me who rked but my cousin lil neicey i was just on at the same time at her house so i guess you banned ip and key which got me banned at the same time
Why do I find that hard to believe? Lil Neicey left a comment on my page shortly before you did, which leads me to believe that you're the same person. I'm going to unban Haseo49, if it rebans you clearly this means you are in fact Lil Neicey and I don't take deception very kindly.
Not true, I have that issue with my sister. It won't unban you unless Lil Neicey's key is unbanned, too.
According to him he was at her house at the time, which I can take as 'I was just dropping by, I'm home now.' Hence why I'm assuming it won't reban him if he joins the server.

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27 JasonDrew's Unban Request on Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:43 am


Byond Key: JasonDrew

Reason For Ban: Multi-Key

Reason For Unban: I was a huge jirk to Pond, I felt really bad afterward
and wanted to apologize, but I had been muted. I logged onto my secondary
account that I use for another game so I could so, I never ment to play as that key,
I only wanted to be there long enough to make my apology and then go back to
my normal key.

I was not trying to avoid a mute, I just really wanted to say I was sorry to Pond, I didnt
meen the awful things I said to her.

It was after I had apologized, and I was about to leave, that Kooler221 said
"Nice story" "bye now" and permabanned me.

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