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The Sports Update

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1 The Sports Update on Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:23 pm

Sachiko Shinozaki

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Since we have that huge dark area that serves no purpose other than being the place you hide from the killer when you don't want to die or fight. I suggest we make it a sport themed area with Locker rooms, showers a sports hall (maybe a pool too) and put the sports storage down there too.

To spice the idea up we can add more sports related items to use in the game.
- Basketball: Throw it like a paper airplane who gets hit by it loses stamina.
- Baseball: Same as the Basketball but turns into a lethal weapon if the player also holds a wooden or metal bat.
- Tennis Ball: Simliar to Baseball just other damage.
- Sports Outfit: Changes icon to a student wearing a sport outfit also reduces the stamina drain while running.
- Batter Helmet: Reduces damage taken by blunt weapons (hammer, bats, ladel)
- Kendo Armor: Increases the Bokken's stamina damage also reduces damage taken by other bokken (maybe even hides your name from the shinigami eyes)
- Tennis Racket: Used like a bat, makes Tennis balls lethal if equipped.
- Ball Machine: A drag and pushable container that can be turned on. When on the Machine throws all ball type items it has.
- Coach Whistle: Sends a loud noise to players close by that can be used to call for help.
- Swim Goggles: Protect your eyes from water and paint.
- School Swimsuit: Blood splatters everywhere except on these 'clothes'

Feel free to add more ideas.

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