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A Modest Proposal

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1 A Modest Proposal on Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:16 pm

Mister B

Just a few tweaks I think would help out significantly.
a) Admin Private Messages. Aka, when you are struck down by a random person without any IC justification, it'd be nice to check to see if that person where an actual antagonist. I had that a few rounds ago, where I was struck down by the purple haired girl while typing out a reply to her comment about 'being top bitch of this school'. I thought, ah well, until I realized it wasn't suspect mode; It was DeathNote mode.

And she wasn't the Kira, as she was murdered a few minutes later by said actual round antagonist. However, there was little I could do to alert the administration, as saying anything in 'chat' would have been round spoiling. The ability to communicate silently with any admins online at the time would be a great boon, I believe, in pointing out 'random kills'.

b) Restraints - Aka, rope, zip ties, chains, what have you. My first round in the game was remarkable because I, the victim, was part of a brutal cat and mouse game. It was thrilling and murderously fun. I believe I was spoiled by that, and expected something of the same when I attempted to 'play' with my victims. Tossing the blade from hand to hand, standing in front of the doors, etc. Only to have said person zip by after quickly posing 'slips by' and run off to find an axe or some such.

That's not really my concern, to be honest. I'll just have to learn who I can trust to play along, and whom I need to stabbity stab click spam on. My concern is that the only way to -keep someone alive- so that you can play/torture/etc is to continually bash them in the head with a baseball bat to keep them knocked out. Even if the restraints could only be applied while the victim was helpless and/or unconscious would be fine, as long as it kept them from shfiting about for a few minutes. It'd give you the ability, for instance, to have several victims tied up together, and force them to choose who gets their neck slit, etcetera. Or even the dramatic rescue, where the last living survivor stumbles across the gruesome prison from the hoarse screaming of the next victims, and works desperately to cut them loose. So on and so forth.

c) Grinders. Butcher slabs. Acid baths or loose dirt in the basement. Etcetera. A way to dispose of the evidence, by getting rid of the bodies.

2 Re: A Modest Proposal on Sun May 13, 2012 11:55 pm


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Great ideas. I like the restraint ideas, too. I just find them a bit OP in a way. Get tied up, you can just get slashed at constantly.

To make it fair, I would think maybe you could only get tied up if passed out and you take a lot less damage tied up or you are invincible while tied up until un-tied. The person could also be moved while tied, so you can 'capture' them in a way.

It would make yandering so much funner >.>

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3 Re: A Modest Proposal on Mon May 14, 2012 1:43 am

Love them all, the last two make the killer's job funner. The first one is real important as I've noticed in the times I've hosted there was a ton of issues with who was the killer and who wasn't. c_c

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4 Re: A Modest Proposal on Mon May 14, 2012 9:05 am


I like all of your suggestions... but the third is a bit strange. Acid baths in a school? I op for cutting up corpses, burying them, or even storing them in a large container.

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