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School Newspaper Clippings

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1 School Newspaper Clippings on Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:24 am


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I thought this would be fun. See, in real schools, there's often a school newspaper printed at the school itself. So, why not have a few copies of The Pyrce High Edition floating around? We could have people find articles in desks. There could be pages that have a picture, represented by saying something like, "There's a picture of a red-haired girl with a boy with blond hair, smiling at the camera. The caption says, 'Two Students Tie for Highest Test Scores in the District'." The hair colors and caption can change, as can the actions. As there are multiple students with these hair colors in the school—as clearly seen by the roster on the principal's computer—this wouldn't affect people's RPs directly. They can easily deny that they're the person in the article and point out that the person has a different hair style and eye color, ending all discussion. On the other hand, people can also choose to fit the clips into their RP by admitting that yes, they are the person in the article.

Perhaps we could even add a few full articles detailing scandals and stuff? I think it would be really interesting if there was an article about the dead teacher, such as "Teacher Wins Award" or "Pyrce's Teacher Spotlight". Nothing too specific about the teacher, no names given, just vague-ish stuff, though we could possibly go so far as to have an article with "Teacher Saved from Mugger By Student" to imply that this murder may not have been a random thing. This could add some new dimension to the RP and put some more focus on the teacher's death.

The clippings could open a world of RP possibilities, especially for those who are having some RP-block. I know that in Mitadake, on occasion the newspaper clippings really spiced up the RP. ^_^

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