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1 Updates and information on Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:28 am

I've added a few things to the map maker, besides a lot of the new icons, more will be added later.

Lights can now be added to your own custom maps.

Cameras and Monitors can now be added.

And a fuse box may be added as well, which works with the lights you have added.

Now then, you can right click a object and click edit on them, but let me explain to you what some of these do.

Name: Well, this one should be obvious, you can modify the name of the object!

Icon: Change the objects icon, if you tried changing it and it didn't work try this, first open the icon you're trying to use in DM, add another icon or something and delete it, anything so you can save it again, save it and sometimes it will ask if you want to update the icon to the latest byond version, if this failed please make sure you're using the latest byond version.

Icon State: This changes the icon state in which icon you used, the states inside of it.

Pixel_Y ad Pixel_X, Y will move it just a tad bit on the map north or south, depending if you went positive or negeitve, as X moves it left to right.

Mouse Opacity: This will make it so you can click through the object if you make it 0, if you don't want that just leave it as 1.

Luminosity: This will cause the object to cast light, much like the lights or glow sticks, the higher the number, the greater the distance it will be.

Invisibility: This will cause the object to be invisible to people who's see_invisibility isn't high enough to see it, example, watchers can see everything, but payers can not.

Opacity: This is like the black walls in Pyrce High, this won't allow you to see past it, and won't let light go past it either.

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