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Just a random thought that popped into my head.

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You know how in certain movies the survivors of the killer's rampage make it to the hospital bruised and bloodied from the ordeal that they've just been thru but the killer does too. then the killer now has to take care of the survivors and a few of the doctors and nurses? We should have a map and mode just for that occasion. The surviving icons will show up with the killer and new doctors icons. Call it sudden death mode or a different title but I believe if this mode was added it would be a much clearer indication of what happened to any survivors that killer failed to kill and would give players a incentive to survive.

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1] What about people that didn't get injured during it? Why would they be in the hospital?

2] Are you suggesting this mode be played directly after the normal, actual mode? Why?

3] A custom map, and custom sprites, are more work than you might think.

4] Why wouldn't the surviving students point out who the killer was, if they knew [and that late in the game, most of them probably did]? Why wouldn't they all have police protection anyway?

5] Read the sticky.

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1] Well...after a major crime scene all survivors regardless of how they look are taken to the hospital. It's standard for procedure for all law enforcement. They are usually kept their a day to acess if any phyiscal or mental damage has been done.

2] It's right after the mode prievoulsy played. It woudn't work with Zombie but Witch, Normal, Suspect and even the DN modes

3] I know that and that's why I said find someone with the time and knowledge.

4] They usually give survivors some time before they go and question them. Regardless of how injuried said persons are. Give Detective roles to two other people their job is to question survivors and detain the killer while protecting the students and staff.

5.) It's a whole new mode. It's not some little request like give watchers more access and make the shini teleport to his book. Vivi.

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Actually, the sticky says "any new mode suggestions" are banned. This counts as that. Also, in my opinion, your version is not too practical. Some rounds may end with all but three people dead, including the killer. Additionally, some people would be annoyed if they had to sit out two rounds in a row. You could probably accomplish this idea just as easily with a good, custom-made map than an entirely new mode. The police could have been meeting with a doctor outside their hospital wing when the murderer snuck in. The host could just announce the hair color of the killer with host chat or something of the sort; or we could go with the explanation that the killer disguised themselves with a wig or something. A good host should be able to pull it off; no need to add an entirely new mode for it.

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Well you wouldn't sit out rounds if instead of a student your a doctor? And if you were the orange haired boy but then you start a new round as the purple haired boy with a whole new name doesn't that just make things harder for everyone? Again only the survivoring students would return. the new people that joined would be either a detective or a doctor. But if a host was to use my idea for a custom map then I would be happy with that.

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