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Hellsing mode

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1 Hellsing mode on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:27 pm


I was thinking for a while now that Hellsing (the anime) mode would be awesome. Maybe not Hellsing having been included but more of that kind of universe. Here are my ideas for the game.

We begin with a single vampire who has vampiric powers. That Vampire could be the Nosferatu. The teacher found dead was in fact a retired Paladin and her death should be specified as "Lost every drop of blood with a huge slice through the throat and tiny bite marks upon the writs". The Nosferatu should angry at the anti vampiric attitude in the school and decides to show them what a true monster may do. He decides to play a game by posing as a fellow student to see whether any of the srudent realizes his true identity. The only way to kill him is via sunlight or a knife to the heart (the attack should be clearly specified in the Emote). The vampire receives an option for each kill. Either turn them into a ghoul with 100% knowledge that they will serve him. Or turn them into a vampire granting them a basic power setup with the ability to kill him and become the

The ability to use powers should use points of blood. Points of blood should be granted each time a vampire feeds.
The powers for a Nosferatu should be:
Drink blood (While next to a corpse. This grants the ability to use more powers.)
1 point of blood - Turn to mist (invisible and able to pass through walls.)
3 points of blood - Unleash Demons (Instant kill but only able to use this power 3 times a game to grant some chance to the other players.)
2 points of blood - Charm (The player receives a message of how charmed they are by the vampire's looks and cannot bear to say anything bad about him only availabe for 2 people at once.)

The "instant" vampires should need double the points of blood for each power in comparison to the nosferatu. The powers for an "instant" vampire should be:
Drink blood
2 points of blood - Turn to bat (invisible and unable to pass through walls.)
3 points of blood - Smash (able to smash doors or kill people.)
4 points of blood - Charm (only 1 player at a time.)

In addition the Nosferatu should begin with 6 points of blood at the beginning of the game.

I'd be thrilled if you made this addition to the game. cheers

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2 Re: Hellsing mode on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:07 pm


Please refer to the sticky

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