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Item & Weapon Suggestions

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1 Item & Weapon Suggestions on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:41 pm


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While I imagine seeing this thread might not please staff, I don't see it ruled out, so I feel a thread devoted to the ideas for new weapons and items people have would be a positive - or at least harmless - addition. Especially if all of those suggestions are kept in one thread rather than being scattered all over the forum. (I'm looking at you, people suggesting modes when mode suggestions aren't being taken.)

Feel free to post your own suggestions, but actually think about what you're posting before you do. Think of how it might affect the game, how it might be balanced or imbalanced, and how players will feel when going up against it. Don't just drop whatever ideas come to your head.

Here's a couple of mine:

Paintball Gun
Type: Non-lethal weapon
Location: Gym storage or lockers
Function: Fires paintballs at students, which deal stamina damage and possibly blind students temporarily. These guns will have less uses than paint cans (limited air in the canister?) and will be harder to find.

Type: Non-lethal dropping weapon
Location: Tea room, basement, and bokken room
Function: Deals stamina damage and temporarily slows down the movement speed of those who walk on it. Dropped like Poppers and will disappear when stepped on once.

In addition to these item suggestions (I'll probably add more later), I'd like to see a few changes to current items. For example, I want to see Mild Sedatives have more incentive for usage, like an extended duration or a larger stamina drain, because it's hard enough to inject someone with it as it is and it suffers the fate of being a roleplay item. Yet even if you use it like that, how useful is it really, considering it's mild? I may be overly critical, but I never see it used. It could be an opening "attack," so to speak, so it should be quite useful.

Second, I'd like to see the smoke bomb have a 5x5 range. This would make a get-away easier to conceal and cover more ground, especially in hallways. 3x3 just isn't enough, especially if you drop the smoke bomb next to someone. I imagine people would use smoke bombs more often if its tactics were improved. I already suggested being able to throw some items (particularly knives) and I wouldn't mind being able to throw these either.

Like with any suggestion, feel free to shoot down my ideas if you feel they're no good. I tried not to suggest a plethora of items and weapons, so I wouldn't overburden the staff. The other two ideas I had were fairly redundant, anyway.

(EDIT: There's an old thread for item types. I wasn't aware of this, even though I skimmed the forum looking for these kinds of suggestions; it turned into a discussion on lockpicks in general, and it looked more like a thread for one person's suggestions while others just chimed in.)

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2 Re: Item & Weapon Suggestions on Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:19 am

I'm starting to wonder whether or not it'd even be a good idea to add new items/weapons. We have such a set amount right now, perhaps if there was some sort of system where the game would randomize between the items and weapons that spawn in containers then it would work in terms of adding such things.

As for smoke bombs, generally they need a lot of force to be used, throwing it forward would most likely have no effect while throwing it at the ground would be the perfect amount of force needed to create the smoke so I don't think it should be a throw-able item.

As for the sedative, there was a suggestion on a 'strong sedative' a long while back located here, I personally like the idea of having a fake death type deal added in, the mild sedative should remain as it is, making it take off more stamina or have a longer effect wouldn't be very good because then it'd just be that much more easier to knock someone out, 10% stamina is a fair amount in my opinion.

Caltrops, not something you'd necessarily find in a school, eh? But it's Pyrce. -shrug- I think there should be some map-editor specific items that just don't fit in a school, that would be neat. c:

Paintball gun, probably the solution to the 'lack of ranged weapons'?

I like the idea of the thread, it should be stickied, but there really needs to be an icon indicating when stickied topics have new posts because I've noticed a lack of such a thing.

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3 Re: Item & Weapon Suggestions on Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:17 am


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I agree, not all of the ideas should be shoehorned into the default map, but there can be options in the map editor for those that want to experiment. As for the caltrops, I figured they were silly, but I decided to add them anyway because we're dealing with a school that cares so little about safety that they have enough billhooks to throw in the garbage.

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4 Re: Item & Weapon Suggestions on Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:59 pm


I agree with this idea. A variety to weapons would be nice icon-wise, also.

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