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Zombie RP ( Non-Pyrce Like)

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1 Zombie RP ( Non-Pyrce Like) on Fri May 11, 2012 6:53 pm

So, while Live is all messed up, I decided, "Hey, maybe Pyrce needs some random, out of the blue, for no reason at all, Zombie RP." So, I decided to throw this together, instead of working of a story that I've been thinking of for a while. If you guys are interested in this, feel free to jump in.

It is the year 2036. In 2031, a group of reasearchers set out with a just goal, but an obviously unreachable goal. They, like many others before them, set out to cure cancer. Based in Washington D.C itself, the group acquired high-end chemical labs, and set to work, under the name of "New Generation Salvation", or NGS. The y seemed to be close to curing cancer itself, and because of this, volunteers for this experiments were high in numbers. Over the course of three years, NGS worked on curing cancer, and going down as heroes. In 2035, a woman came forward, and told the media that her husband, who had cancer himself, had agreed to let NGS run tests on him, and try to cure him. According to the woman, he had volunteered in 2032. She had waited, for unknown reasons, until she heard of other families who were having similar experiences. This led to many others rising up in turn, each with their own similar story. By the time police arrived at the main headquarters of NGS, it was too late. Ironically, they only missed ending the whole issue, by a few weeks. A few reporters entered the building with the police, even when advised not to. The result, was the entire east coast watching as a squad of police officers, and a few news casters entered to building, only to be greeted by rotting corpses on the ground. One of the officers remarked that the bodies looked like they had been torn into, by human hands. After they got past the front desk, their fate was sealed. What awaited them, was to some, hell on earth. The police and camera crew got further into the building, finding piles of bodies around every corner. Only a few minutes before they were taken off the air, the police and newscasters noticed a "group of injured looking people". An officer approached the group, and noticed they all were wearing patient clothing, unlike the ones they had meet earlier who were wearing lab-coats or security uniforms. One of the officers told the group he had a weird feeling, and was going to go back and wait for backup. As soon as the police officer was out of sight, the seemingly injured patients attacked one of the news casters, along with another officer. It happened so quickly, that none of the officers had time to take the safety off their pistols, as they were ripped into. The only evidence of the outbreak at the time, was the news footage, and the one officer who was lucky enough to have "waited for backup", who was able to escape and relay what he heard, which was screaming and saw. They tried to contain the outbreak, but soon it had filled the entire east coast, and soon the west coast. People fleeing from America to other countries, spread the virus there as well. The world fell into pain and despair, as trust was hard to come by, and food was even harder."

You are one of the few survivors in the town of "Duskfall". A large city, which like all of the others, was over-run. You must band together with your fellow survivors and take back the town, or you can work on your own and survive on your own.

Character Sheets:


- Be creative
- Give your character a reasonable background. ( You weren't Rambo )
- Make your character a human.
- Give your character personality.


- Don't be a young child, or elderly person.
- Don't do things that go against common sense.

Character Sheet:

- Make you

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2 Re: Zombie RP ( Non-Pyrce Like) on Sun May 13, 2012 11:22 am


Name: John Barker
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Background: Not much is known of Barker's past. The only facts that have ever escaped his lips were that he lived in Florida before the outbreak and that he had been searching for someone important to him when he had been forced to take refuge in Duskfall.
Personality: Barker keeps to himself as much as possible and, therefore, most people never see him express any emotion other than disgust or indifference.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Clothing: AverageAmericanAttire (Slightly-ripped jeans, Nike sneakers, fairly thick jacket with a polo shirt underneath, a Lakers (basketball) hat, etc.
Other: A pair of sunglasses; Small burn scars on the back of his left leg;

- 3x water bottle
- 1x swiss army knife
- 1x lighter
- Can perform excellent backflips.
- Is a fairly good runner due to being on the track team all throughout post-secondary and high school.
- Knows how to clean unsafe water.
- Knows how to 'drive stick'.
- etc. etc.

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