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Pixiri's Massed Suggestions (General and Mode Specific)

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Hello everyone its your local Pixie/Troll here to give you some horrible suggestions that you will all insult! SHALL WE BEGIN?! Yeah ok lets get serious.


-Body Parts:
Maybe this has been suggested or maybe not. But anyways, body parts, each player has arms, legs, torso and a head right? Well how about making them all detachable? As in the killer can come along, knock out their prey and cut off both their legs leaving them only able to crawl along the floor screaming for help, bleeding out until they die a violent death? Or maybe someone gets a lucky shot on the killer, cutting of their good axe arm leaving them helpless without the weapon? Maybe cut off the heads of your prey and plant them inside storage crates because you get off on that shit? Who cares or knows, but the point is I think it should be implemented. The system is great and all the way it is now but... Its really the killer just has to get someone cornered and point spam click hoping to kill their prey before they get killed, but to me that seems a little too simple? But meh its probably too complex to implement.

The fighting is the game is really just... Point and click with one small bit of text to show one attack and then everyone goes crazy clicking each other and it just becomes a big mess and quite unsatifying for those who are at a disadvantage for fighting because their computers are shit, or they can't fight for their lives? Skill shouldent be passed on by the player jumping from round to round in this situation, instead there should be a Hit/Miss system. Basically each player would get a random roll on what Hit ratio they have and what evade ratio they have (though evade would be only half of the hit roll) Anyways in the players tabs it could say "Very Agile and Very Accurate" or "Two Left Feet and no depth perception." or a mix of the two, just make them seem very vague. Anyways this allows people to have the option to rp attacks, each attack individually with a chance to miss or hit, their skill based on only what their characters skills are, resulting in them being unable to use their meta skills because they can click faster etc, because regardless their character are different individuals from the players. Also maybe make attacks much more devastating, or give the option for realistic damage in the server options (Maybe more so that the highest right now). Along with that vital points like a lucky shot on the head can kill them instantly? Who knows just another suggestion.

-Push Off:
For some of those more daring people who like to do interesting things while people are looking away, have the option to push people down things like stairs or off the roof of buildings? (For maps that have them) With certain areas with events i guess you could call them, that call upon the event, of course it would require the other players consent (maybe a prompt?) and only have a chance of success. But meh just another crazy suggestion.

Pretty simple, the use of fire to burn people, corpses, objects, or maybe some kind of gasoline you can make a line of to cause barriers of fires for people to get away! This would make some really interesting role play, burning corpses so no one can identify them, for a quick escape, or maybe just to see when the lights go out?

-Wire Cutting:
Maybe have a certain item like wire cutters that can cut the electricity leaving people unable to just simply turn it back on resulting in a dark school with a murderous lunatic running through the halls with a bill hook! The item would probably be one of those rare spawns like the ??? paper.

-I know some medical procedures!:
Basically the allowing certain players to be chosen to have a 'level' of medical assistance in which allows them to more effectively use med kits etc on other players, and slightly better on themselves.

-Bleed Out!:
Slip damage by being cut? The only way to stop it is some sheets or bandages! Yeah as it says, slip damage from bleeding.

The option to start eating a corpse? Maybe to get rid of it, maybe your just a canibal? Its just one of those things that would be interesting to have rp wise but not really game changing.

-Witch Related-
Demon Summon?:
The option for a witch to randomly summon a watcher that has the summon flag set to on? Make it a low damaging low hp thing that simply works as a little fiend hmmm?

Ill add more if i think of more. So yeah... Cewl story bro.

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That's pretty cool, but i'm here to contradict all (Read : Most) of them.

For the Body parts, imagine Beatrice getting a lucky hit with her butterflies, killing EVERYONE except one person, and he has a billhook!
Anyway, that person runs up to her side, evading her Stake of Purgatory, and slices her head off, just like that! That shouldn't be possible for the average school kid in Japan, right?

I like the Hit/Miss/Vital thing, but once again, let's say that kid only killed Beatrice because he got a Vital, it would just be pretty cheap. And what if the killer also spawned with "Two left feet" and "No Depth perception", how in the world did he kill that teacher, if not the shy, blue haired girl holding a knife in her shaking hand?

Push off seems like a major trolling thing, and an annoyance. Plus, nobody even hangs out around the stairs! That would also take a lot of coding, to make an "Event Zone".

I like fire, but i'm a crazy pyromaniac with burns on my hands. So, yeah.

Wire Cutting seems pretty interesting, mainly in Zombie/Witch modes. But it puts quite a bit of strain on SOME people's eyes. (Like mine.), and there's still that bug with the ??? paper and the Key Cards spawning in the same exact desk every round.

Bleeding out's been mentioned before, but I don't think Jeremy's going to get to that very soon.

Cannibalism seems a bit overpowered too, and I could see it being very buggy. Imagine Beatrice killing someone, eating them, then reviving them. Broken game right there, if eaten people don't have a sprite made. It would be a lot of work for the spriters, making at least five more sprites per character. Plus that'd be just appalling, in my opinion.

Demon Summon seems okay, definitely needs a cooldown, though. Spamming it would be tedious, and what if a Watcher's AFK or don't want to be one?

But this is all just my look on things, really, your suggestions are creative, just not perfect for this game. Mind you yours is mostly about the combat system, and Pyrce High is a light role-playing game.

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Actually, the demon summoning idea reminds me of when Witch was in testing. Ronove sometimes spawned (I believe it was strictly admin powers), so it has been used at least once before. It could be reintroduced with a toggle-switch in a similar manner, allowing one player to spawn as a demon.

Body parts aren't really necessary. They can easily be role-played, and have been in the past. It would require more work on the spriters' parts.

The vital parts thing, in my opinion, wouldn't work. I agree that it sounds nice, but once the better fighters get the hang of it, the worse ones (such as myself) will have an even harder time than before. Not only that, but if someone has a bad computer monitor (such as mine) or a slow connection, this can actually make it worse because they may have a hard time accurately hitting a vital point before someone runs away, but then get momentary lag and get beheaded because of it. Also, the whole traits-thing could also go horribly wrong. Like Tardis said, the killer could get the worst traits, but I think it would be just as bad if they got the best trait combination and everyone else got weaker traits. A good fighter getting killer with awesome traits while the only people who have beat that guy before get "two left feet and no depth perception" could be too advantageous for them, and easily lead to arguments about whether they're RK-ing.

Push-off would probably be too complicated to implement coding-wise, especially when you take into consideration that it would have to be added to the map maker.

Fire actually seems pretty cool, but would take a lot more work and planning before we can really even consider implementing it. For example, would it be able to spread? Would it affect items on the ground? As I said, needs more detail.

Wire cutting could be interesting and add a lot to the game, but could be abused easily. The chances of it spawning should be 100% random.

Bleeding out has been mentioned, and I know it was in Mitadake (I once died from blood loss), but I do like the idea of bandages. Blood trails can lead killers right to you if you don't have a first-aid kit, so having some spare bandages spawn, maybe in the nurse's office or the teachers' desks, could be helpful in that. It wouldn't heal you, but would stop the blood trail.

Finally, cannibalism. Actually, there's really no need to add it as a feature, as it's possible to do it with RPs. I actually did this once, when my character ate drugs and thought the teacher's body was made of candy. (Best. Round. Ever. Very Happy)

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Fire = BURN THE SCHOOL down.

First of all, all those reasons are crazsy.

Second, Why did you want to add new items.

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You have some interesting ideas here... HOWEVER.
Dismembering: I can imagine people who can actually USE the combat system on this being stupidly powerful.
Vitals: Same with this, but slightly less so. This could actually be a neat idea.
Cannibalism: Cannibals in MH/PH always seemed stupid and derpy to me. Because that was almost always how they acted. "LOL IM EATING THIS GUY IM SO CRAAAAAYZEE!" That, or they thought it made them super-awesome and creepy. I've mentioned this occasionally, but I was once in a round where Forkkie cut off my limbs, cooked and ate them. And everyone else in the round joined in "for teh lulz", pretty much. I don't know why you people think cannibalism is funny, but it's not healthy.

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