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Suggestions from Puckaboo2

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1 Suggestions from Puckaboo2 on Sat May 26, 2012 2:53 pm

Puck has asked me to post these in her stead, and I have accepted.

-A "Check for Injuries" verb to see if someone is hurt. Theoretically, you could possibly work this akin to the search verb, allowing people to accept or decline being checked to avoid spam, and lessen strain on Non-RPing.
-The ability to change between using fists and teeth for Vampires. This is actually something that is really requested that I've seen, and comes up as an issue in RPs at times.
-The ability to store things in lockers.

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2 Re: Suggestions from Puckaboo2 on Sat May 26, 2012 3:23 pm


Game Master
Game Master
First suggestion: That would add to the RP possibilities, even being able to examine corpses! I approve of this one!
Second suggestion: How would the vampire toggle between the two attacks? A second weapon? If a way can be made, then I can't be against it.
Third suggestion: Lockers don't accept items?!? We need to fix THAT up.

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3 Re: Suggestions from Puckaboo2 on Sat May 26, 2012 4:23 pm


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Regular Member
First suggestion: That sounds awesome. Very Happy
Second: I agree. I finally got to play a round this week, and when I RPed kicking a guy I instead bit him. Razz The toggle could be pulled off by having a button similar to the "run" button that says "Bite/Punch" under your name. You click it, you'll switch between the two options.
Third: You can't? Well that makes no sense. Has to be fixed, ASAP.

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4 Re: Suggestions from Puckaboo2 on Sat May 26, 2012 4:33 pm


Students should spawn with a key that opens/locks a specific locker of which stuff can stored within. That would be fun.

The other two suggestions are amazing.

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5 Re: Suggestions from Puckaboo2 on Sun May 27, 2012 5:06 am

I love all of these. Puckaboo needs to become president of the U.S

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6 Re: Suggestions from Puckaboo2 on Sun May 27, 2012 1:09 pm

I don't see an issue with the second suggestion. I mean, people will run off what is emoted, that should be the idea here. Such as when you're a normal student you only have a fists 'weapon', people have always emoted something other than punching, such as kicking, headbutting and the sort.

Otherwise, the other two suggestions, especially the first, are great.

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7 I HAS MORE SUGGESHTUNZ. on Sun May 27, 2012 5:04 pm


Thank you, thank you vury much.

I have more suggestions/bugs.

1. This is more of a bug. If you try to push somebody when there's more than one person surrounding you and that box shows up that asks you who you want to shove, and you click one, nothing happens. Mad It also does not work works when you right click to a person to shove in a crowd. People have been aware of this, and it's extremely dire to be able to push someone out of the way when you're trapped.

1a. Speaking of pushing, could there be a possibility of pushing something in a direction depending on the position you're standing and the area? Just asking.

2. Not only the key locker is bugged, but lockers themselves. I think you can't store something when you have multiple items around you. (I will check this to confirm.)

3. I know people don't complain about this but... What if, for an unlockable, you could get an 'automatic join' option in the upper left drop down "Game Options" under "No Roles?" For those sad pandas that get so excited about a next round and talk so much about it, they forget to join. (Cough) This may not be so good but it may help.

4. This could be fun. Say someone trapped you behind a desk or a wooden box or any wooden object. (Oh no!) You can chop that object down with an axe? I don't know if this may be a good idea... But I've found dragging a desk when someone's in the way of you pushing it out of the way very unhelpful and people trap desks near doors, so I thought we could chop them down. For like, wooden boxes, they could take two chops and for wooden desks they could take 4-5 chops because they're stronger than boxes and about as strong as doors (maybe stronger.)

5. What happened to the 'info' verb when you right click on an object in your inventory, that gives you information about the object? You can only see that information when you attempt to pick up an object. Could we have that function, please? :>

6. You can't take an equipped weapon from an unconscious body. Could we have that ability? The hand that gripped it would be a bit looser after the body falling limp.

Eh. I'll think of more later. If anyone has come up with some of these first, tell me and I'll give you credit! Pwomise :>

BTW, that "Check for Injuries" verb was more of an automatic check, not a verb that has to be accepted or declined. You can look at someone and judge if they're hurt without asking someone.

100-90% - looks fine.

89-75% - is barely hurt.

74-65% - looks hurt.

64-45% - looks half dead.

44-25% - is badly hurt.

25-10% - is extremely hurt.

10% and under - Stop staring and get help immediately!

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