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Three Suggestions

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1 Three Suggestions on Sat May 26, 2012 4:50 pm


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1) "Hidden" Mode: This is a common suggestion, but I think it should be brought up again. The main reason is because of DN mode. People are always complaining about hiding names, right? Well, if hosts could choose to have the mode "hidden", people wouldn't know if it was DN mode and thus they'd be more open. Of course, it could backfire so that people hide their names every time it's Hidden, and it probably wouldn't work with auto-hosting and the voting system.

2) Hide bodies. In real life, people can and will hide bodies in lockers and crates. Having the ability to do so would be awesome. You can drag a body to a crate or locker, and when you click on the container you can choose "Hide Body". Of course, it would be limited to empty lockers, metal containers and wooden crates. Those are the most realistic places to hide them, because desks, cabinets, counters, fridges, trash cans, etc. are just too small for bodies, so they're out. They have to be empty so that there's room for the body. This poses all kinds of RP possibilities, too. Imagine it: a shy, quiet girl searches the lockers to get something, and then WHAM! A body falls out. (On that note, there should be a chance that the body will fall out if you search a locker. "WHAM! The blue-haired boy's body suddenly falls out of the locker when you open it!") What better way to spice up a boring round? Also, if a student goes missing, you won't necessarily know they're dead yet, so that leaves many more possibilities.

3) Bandages. This is an idea I got from Pixiri's suggestion thread on here. Basically, they wouldn't heal you, but they'd stop bleeding. Even if there isn't a mechanic where you can bleed to death, you still leave a blood trail if you don't get a first aid kit. Realistically, a high school would have a few bandages and band-aids scattered around, particularly in teachers' desks and the nurse's office. Also, it would help reduce blood-related lag.

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2 Re: Three Suggestions on Sat May 26, 2012 5:00 pm


1. Meh. Not sure.

2. Awesome. I would like to see this intergrated~

3. A nice addition.

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3 Re: Three Suggestions on Sun May 27, 2012 5:17 am

1. We DO have secret mode, though I understand you mean the host chooses, though nobody else knows. (That's currently futile, with everyone playing on Dragon's 24/7 server, though.)

2. This seems very good, though people usually ignore dead bodies unless they RPed with that dead person.

3. If it's been suggested, don't suggest it again.

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