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1 Options and Messages on Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:23 pm


You know that options and messages tab?

Yeah, why don't we have it?
This is very useful to some people because quite a few have disconnection issues and being able to readily reconnect when the opportunity comes, would be very helpful.

I understand with this tab, people can find sneaky ways to make .click commands and other commands but this thing is very helpful to have around.

I've also noticed the options and messages window only pops up after you disconnect, and when you click on client, everything's grayed out except preferences, which barely does anything.

And also, for me, when the tab does come up, errors galore, that may have popped up when the title screen and everything is loading. Yes, this is proof the window will only come up after disconnection.

I cleared my cache and everything. I understand my connection issues but what is this?

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