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R.P.G (Role Playing Guild)

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1 R.P.G (Role Playing Guild) on Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:46 am

As the topic indicates, this'll be a role playing guild of sorts, that revolves under me. The leader, I'll be recruiting new members and we'll be acting as a clan. We go on certain servers and role play. But this role play will be mainly us.

By 'US' I mean the guild, clan or what ever you want to call it will be hopping on a server once a day or every few days and have a good round or so on the said server, It'll be us, good role players, not the noobie role plays like "tilts to grey", which could've been given greater detail if the said role player added in a few extra words. "Tilts his head forward, nudging it as he did so before stopping, looking directly at grey with his cold stale eyes", etc.

If you want to join, post in here or add my MSN and ask me how you apply, no retards please...

Registry On Topic:




RP Example (Not Copied, or I'll rape you rply):

How Long You've role played for ( State Game, how long and why you were interested in it):

My key is FusionGeto, I'm a troll of sorts, but to those who troll me. A karma troll Smile.

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2 Re: R.P.G (Role Playing Guild) on Fri May 10, 2013 1:36 pm


*titls hsi haed* Laughing

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