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No proper warning for the ban

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1 No proper warning for the ban on Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:29 pm



- BYOND key: XxDemonAngelxX
- Name of Host who banned you: MentalKitty
- Reason of ban: Hoarding And some other unknown reason. Mental Kitty banned me because I was told I was hoarding. She said last night I had hoarded and today I hoarded. I didn't know I was breaking any rule in the first place. She never warned me, she said I had only two strikes and I would be banned if I broke another rule, and she never told me about these "two strikes" and I was just lucky to find out by scrolling down and finding warning being told by someone else. In the first place I didn't realize I was hoarding because I got most of my items from some guy who committed suicide and took all his items plus I had a few items of my own. If she had asked me to throw my stuff away because I had to many then I would have been more than happy to oblige. I don't know my third strike because the round had just started and I couldn't move my character so I decided to open and close my window to see if I could move again then I found myself banned when I logged back in.
- Reason for unban: I believed I deserve another chance because I did not receive any proper warning for the ban. I promise I will listen and make sure to limit my items so please unban me

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