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The Adventures of Seamus the Scumbag Student, or "That's so Seamus!"

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So, I was commenting on a few, erm... Common trends amongst you 'groovy kids', and somebody pointed out that the way I was doing it lent itself very much to a meme. As such, I present to you... Scumbag PH Student.
UPDATE: His name is now Seamus the Scumbag Student!
I might put a few more together later or improve on them, but these are all for now.
Now, here's the part where you kids at home can join in!
Make your own Scumbag PH Student here!
EDIT: People have been struggling, so here's the URL, plain and simple.
Font used: Press Start 2P by Codeman38

(DISLCAIMER: Any work submitted here can, and will, be criticised by somebody, it's almost a certainty. People who become butthurt about this will most likely get their own special Scumbag PH Student image created, thereby self-perpetuating the butthurtnessitudification. Gee, ain't I a stinker?)

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