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Ghost Mode

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1 Ghost Mode on Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:49 pm


I personally think Ghost Mode is a little.. stale. Here is my revision of how to fix it up!(based on other suggestions I've seen, with my own flare)

Mode Description: 15 Years Ago, a man was murdered in the school. On the night of his murder, now, he has come back to take revenge on the one who killed him: The Teacher. After killing her, the ghost wanted more, and began to target the kids in the school. Little did he know that a medium was in the school! The Ghost must hunt down the students, while the medium hunts down the ghost. The students must try to survive!

The ghost has the ability to appear, so the RP doesn't become stale. But his other powers include;

-Dragging Mobs like you would a corpse, visible or not.
-Visibility Toggling(As stated above)
-The ability to wield a weapon, though he cannot slash while invisible.
-The ability to cause possess a corpse.
-Turn the lights off for a short period of time
-Walk through walls

Paranormal Activity Style Ghost, lmao.

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2 Re: Ghost Mode on Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:59 pm

I can see a few glaring problems with this.

1. The ghost would just Turn invisible off right next to a person and attack, rinse and repeat for easy kills.
2. You have not explained how the medium will stop the ghost, just that they are there.
3.Unlike the ghost mode we have now, this just combines the killer with the ghost role, and gives everyone but the Medium diddly shit to do but die, sure they can role play, but they can't harm the ghost. So it's like being a nothing but a number for the Invincible killer to add to his kill count.
4.I will admit the possess a corpse would be a nice way to RP, it has no real other reason to be a power, and offers little to the mode.

Now to see what other people think of this idea.

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3 Re: Ghost Mode on Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:03 pm

Well.... I see where your coming from... Maybe a 1-3 minute cooldown for re-appearing after has appeared and disapeared... Ghost Mode is pretty stale already and this could be a good idea... The idea of only a Medium being able to hurt the Ghost though is a bit... Well it's not the best idea, As a good 3 people each game are AFK if you have a full game, and with the usual Luck that everyone has you know one of them is going to be the Medium... In this effect, a game of 22 people should have about... 6-7 Mediums. It's fair for it to scale in numbers, as having just 1 medium would likely screw you over if she/he dies. The Mediums should have a special weapon that only hurts the ghost... And the power of each weapon depends on the Medium, kind of like how Vampire mode works, Some Vampire/Nanayas are stronger than others. The weakest Medium only does about 3 damage to the ghost and the strongest does about 9-12. Also the Mediums see the ghost. I love this idea and in-itself is way better than the original Ghost mode.

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4 Re: Ghost Mode on Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:48 pm

A few people may remember my original Ghost Mode suggestion, but for those who don't, here's how I envisioned the mode, with slight revisions to differentiate it from Witch Mode. For those who don't, then here's my most recent edition in full:
The way I saw it was that the best way to encourage a tense atmosphere was to remove the effectiveness of conventional combat, which would also create a different playstyle and hopefully avoid that one point in almost every PH round where it just devolves into everyone chasing everyone else to try and click them. So, uh... Yeah. Considering how long the idea's been around, though, it seems unlikely that it will get in for a long time.

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