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Yasogami High Map

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1 Yasogami High Map on Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:29 pm



I've spent the last few days working on this. Some of the lights work, some of the lights don't. Many sprites from the map "Random School" were used in this one through the map maker. Some notes on it...

- This is for heavy role playing. The map is not that large and it is very easy to learn quickly. It is not a good map for running around and going crazy.
- There are notes scattered throughout the map hinting at the story. The text comes directly from Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented.
- There are a few secret areas to be discovered, so hopefully these are enjoyable and make role playing more fun.
- There are four classrooms, a lobby, a courtyard, a storage area, a teachers office, two bathrooms, four dorm rooms, a lounge, a roof, a library, and a basement. Some of the doors are locked, but the keys are not in difficult to find locations. It just takes a bit of looking.

I hope people enjoy this map if anyone uses it c: Any feedback is appreciated as well.

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