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Unban request for VongolaXEspada

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1 Unban request for VongolaXEspada on Sat May 18, 2013 2:55 pm

Your key: VongolaXEspada
Server banned on: Metafrosty's
Person who banned you: Amelia Pond/Nii Nii
Reason for ban: Alright so I was just playing a match, and I was recently unbanned, so I felt sorta weird and out of place, when I would do anything. This has been something bugging me for a while, if you need to emote if you push someone, if they're in the way of a door. So I asked in chat, and shinigami rem was like "Shut up, you silly noob" and he was the person who has gotten me banned earlier. I then say, "Can someone please tell Shinigami Rem to stop harassing me" there are 2 admins on, but nothing is done. Then he says "I'm not harassing you, you silly noob. I then go on a rant, about how Death Note is a horrible anime and how he is an idiot for having a named based off of it. Then I am muted, for it, by Amelia Pond, she doesn't mute him, she just mutes me and says to Shinigami Rem "Don't bait Vongola >3" and then about 30 minutes later, I use parenthesis in shout and ask for Amelia Pond to unmute me, she then unmutes me and says here you go bitch and I say thanks bitch, and then the admins yell at me and I am banned....What I don't understand is how she is allowed to call me a bitch but I'm not allowed to call her a bitch?\

In response to Nii Nii remark in the previous post

1.) You conveniently forgot to mention how you'd also been banned previously, and were attacking Rem previously due to Rem's involvement. This had lead to me asking you both to stop with the insulting earlier in the evening.
It wasn't the issue in that post, that I was banned earlier, I was trying to amend my problems, but Shinigami Rem, the asshat he is, always insults me and frustrates me to no avail. When I was unban, I did not attack Shinigami Rem. until he attacked me, in witch mode, just for accusing him of being the witch..Him and his friend then tased and killed me, just for accusing him of being the witch, it is whatever though.

2) I didn't even ban you, Von. Kooler did. All I'd done was point out that you shouldn't insult an admin, especially when you'd spent a long period of time screaming to be unmuted. Rightfully, you shouldn't insult an admin. If one throws a bunch of personal insults at you for zero reason, mention it on the general forums. I'll be having a talk with Pond about that comment as is when he wakes up.
Oh, alright, well I wasn't really insulting her, she called me a bitch, so I threw the remark back. Alright, next time I will put it on the forums, if he insults me, if I am unbanned.

3) I had come back right about when you got muted, and had only seen you throwing insults. I did look back, and Rem deserved a mute as well, but you'd been slinging insults at many people all day. So having just come back, I myself would have made it a point to get you muted first. You had been the bigger disruption all day.
I only said one thing, about death note being a crappy anime and I was muted. All Rem ever does is come at me and insult me, it's fucking annoying. I argue with Rem friends, who also insult me for no reason whatsoever.

4) You'd been screaming in shout, I can confirm, for at least ten minutes. You did not just ask, and then Pond said "Here, bitch." You spent a period of time shouting and disrupting RP. This includes insulting someone who had claimed an RA on your part.
The round I was ban, I didn't attack anyone whatsoever, so I have no idea, who complained about that o.O? I only shouted for like 2 minutes and then I was unmuted, I did shout like 3 or 4 times, but it was because, I had been muted for like 30 minutes and I was kind of annoyed at that point, because I felt I didn't deserve a mute, because all shinigami rem does is start bull shit.

5) This is not an unban request, nor does it belong in the unban forum. If you have a complaint about a specific staff member, do it in the general forum.
It was meant to be an unban request, and a complaint towards Amelia for just muting me...

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2 Re: Unban request for VongolaXEspada on Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:25 pm

Rem is an absolute dick. Im linking this page to the admins currently if you were not already unbanned.

~Femme Fetale

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