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Egil's Maps

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1 Egil's Maps on Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:20 pm


I'm only listing the maps that I'm sure still work/aren't shitty because of outdated mapmaker. *COUGHCOUGHJEREMYPLSCOUGH*

I had descriptions, edits, etcetera for everything, but it was lost because of the forum shift. I can't be asked to redo 'em right now. |:

- Yandere High ( download/ms775a7w9rcrflx/map_Yandere_High.sav)
- Satsujin High (Older Version: download/3v90pobru9hnmo9/map_Satsujin_High.sav)
- Gold Heart (A Churchish/Private School: download/pawrmh1lb1w2vqm/map_Gold+Heart.sav)
- "Teacher Revamped" (I don't know. download/k5a1n8jbf23j35l/map_Teacher_Revamped.sav)

- Dome Arena (Jason wanted it. ?jn199wbc7o3p6n6)
- "Awake Once More" (A perfect castle-like map for zombie/witch mode. download/y0ylww53nd150sz/map_Awake_Once_More.sav)
- Sweet Dreams (Skyscraper. download/94kyqe7p5pni3hm/map_Sweet_Dreams.sav)
- "Life" (A crappy cornfield. download/arbisy89xnm2j21/map_Life.sav)

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