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Unban Appeal/Apology

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1 Unban Appeal/Apology on Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:50 am

Your key: Noiamnotokay
Server banned on: Arina's
Person who banned you: MetaFrosty
Reason for ban: Inquiring about Xerif's ban twice

I want to start off by saying I am writing a general apology to the community of Pyrce High. My friends and I acted completely immature and a certain few of us disregarded the rules, and now that enough time has elapsed for us to calm down and think over our actions, we bring you this request for forgiveness and acceptance within your community.

I want to also clarify things by saying in the community we originate from, we have a sort of different community feel in which all of us are able to joke around. I guess a few of my friends did take it too far and forget about the rules, and when the people were banned initially, a domino effect was set. I do want to bring up the fact that Gantech and myself were banned for simply defending and asking about the bans, neither of us infracted the rules nor did we use improper/crude language in doing so.

In our community, we like to throw around 'cuss' words, not all of us, but a few of us, and we realize now that acting the same in this community is severely looked down upon. I began playing this game a little over two days ago, and most of my friends began playing only yesterday or today (in fact, the round Xerif played was his FIRST round and experience on the game which was why he acted so improper OOCly lol). We are all newbs to the game.

In addition, by a lack of common sense most of us didn't know that the staff members were signified by their chat insignias. Most of us just thought it was a togglable aspect of the game, and as a result most of us were acting with too much disrespect, and by the time we could realize the potential of our words, we were removed from the game.

I want to point out the fact that NONE of us infracted the IC rules of the game. We all had contributed to the roleplay, followed things such as verb rules, etcetera. We came to this community in search of a fun game to roleplay and participate on, and we found it, but by stupid mistakes and actions all of us have come to be removed from the game in under sixty hours of playing (which is quite sad lol).

I am writing this general apology on behalf of the 'SSO community' aka my friends that have barged in on your game and seem to have caused an inappropriate whirlwhind of arguments and headache. I do see that one of my friends has hosted a server and another one of my friends has acted with threats, and I want to clarify by saying neither of them have intended with following through with it, it was just all talk with no words.

All of us enjoy the game and love roleplaying, we want to play this game and roleplay with the rest of you guys, and we promise that with a second chance, we will develop into great players that can contribute to this community of even better roleplayers. I spoke with Arina and from what I've heard, you guys are actually really cool people and fun people to roleplay with. We made our first mistakes and did not get warnings before getting straightly banned off the server, most of us were just obliberated off the game. But after talking, all of us do miss roleplaying on the game and can conclude that our experience on this game has been majorly positive and fun, the RP is extremely good and at times seat-falling dramatic lol..

So this is an open sincere apology to the admins for giving you guys a headache and disrespecting you; the players for creating a racket; and for everything we have seem to brought to the game. We do want to play the game and roleplay again, and we promise that we have learned from our mistakes. Thanks for reading and we hope that you accept our apology. - Zen and the entire SSO community

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2 Re: Unban Appeal/Apology on Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:31 am

Eh, you probably should be Unbanned, Next time a staff-member comes on i will tell them of the situation. Don't bother with Frosty to much, He isn't exactly the nicest person at all. I really don't get why you were banned though. I call everyone and their sister a bunch of fucktards on that game all the time and curse plenty to match, Language usually isn't a problem unless you blatantly go up to a staffmember and go "Hey Amanda Todd, Hope i find you in a Ditch tomorrow morning." So if that IS what you did then i do see why you were banned, Because i got kicked for doing that once. Don't do that.

*Mentally Slaps Self* Goddammit im putting ideas in your head! Don't do that!

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3 Re: Unban Appeal/Apology on Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:35 am


I try to be nice wherever I can Diamond, shhh.

Let me explain this from my perspective.
Over the three games I saw, I was noticing a lot of rude and inappropriate behaviour within your group. That isn't instant grounds for banning of course, but it made me wary, especially when Amelia muted one of you and several of the others immediately starting crying "Free my nigga", or something along those lines and received the same punishment.
Then when my friend logged on, she was having trouble getting set up and was outright insulted to the point that she wasn't sure if she even wanted to play anymore.
In the following game, after your little group had been killed, my friend sent me logs of how you all reacted. With the bitching and insulting towards the host for simply playing the game, I'd had enough, so I banned the two worst offenders to try and calm things down.
Then when the game ended, I came under immediate fire from the remaining members of the group who were outraged that I'd taken this action. It was a mess, I'll admit, and it's hard to recall exactly who said what, but I decided that rather than let the server fall into a fit of drama and prevent everyone else from getting to play, I'd nip it there in the bud and calm things down. If you feel you weren't causing a problem, then I apologize for that.
The bans were initially supposed to be temporary one day bans, but then further action was taken such as sending over people continuously to say "Free my nigga", and banning Satoshi from their server. It's no longer in my hands now, I'm afraid, and you'll have to speak to Satoshi and Braska to get a clear answer.

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4 Re: Unban Appeal/Apology on Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:37 am

I am unbanning you, No. As far as the groups fates, I have said I will unban those of you who were not banned for a super major offense of sorts.

Xerif and Buda, especially Buda due to some of the actions, your fates lay with Braska.

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5 Re: Unban Appeal/Apology on Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:20 pm

Arina -

You gotta remember, not all game communities are the same. You can't expect do whatever you want because another game allows it or doesn't really care for it.

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6 Re: Unban Appeal/Apology on Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:19 pm


I'm part of this SSO community; was one of the people banned for "not a super major offense." I don't know if i was forgotten but can i be unbant now i have been for a few days now

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