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A remake to Artist Mode

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1 A remake to Artist Mode on Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:21 am


I think Artist mode is a mode that most players can agree is unfun in most cases, and often isn't even picked. I feel that a remake would be suiting. While talking to my friends, I came up with the idea of the artist being able to 'draw' objects, and bring them into the game world. To be able to draw the item, they would need to have seen it at least once.

For obvious balancing reasons, I feel that there should be some restriction on what they can draw, or how often. For example, an artist could just draw infinite tasers, and never have problems fighting, but I don't know how to balance that part.

I feel that this could make for some interesting RP, for example, perhaps the artist could draw the corpse of a person after seeing the actual person, which could make situations playing out like this:

'The artist is being chased, and finally escapes their pursuers, they hide for a short while and draw their corpse, putting it in plain sight so that their pursuers think they're dead, which gives them time to work from secrecy.'

Perhaps the artist could even be given access to drawing things like wigs, which may allow them to appear like different people. Not necessarily other characters in game, but changing their appearance, maybe the ability to make a mask so that they appear like a completely different person.

All in all, this is a relatively rough idea for a remake for the mode, but I believe with the touching up of the people who are actually GOOD at things like this, it could become an interesting mode with interesting RPs.

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2 Re: A remake to Artist Mode on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:08 am

The way you described it, This may be the only role i would EVER want to play.

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3 pls on Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:56 pm


Easy Solution:

- Drawing someone has a 25% chance of either dealing 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% damage to the person who you've drawn.
- Artists can only draw the same person once OR hosts can toggle whether an artist can only draw the same person once or can continually draw them until the target dies/they run out of paper.

Fun Add-Ons
- Drawing on a Death Note page that's manually placed on a custom map should automatically turn the Artist into a Shinigami with a DN. Hur.
- Painting someone on the floor as The Artist via a paint can could subtract 50% from their stamina, and can be done multiple times per person.
- Allow The Artist to draw weapons/items for HP costs. IE a mystia coin would cost 5% HP while an axe would be 40-60% and a taser could be 25%.
- Writing on paper with blood rather than a pen guarantees that the target dies. (If this is implemented, then drawing should do 10% damage to The Artist themselves each time they draw someone, and artists should have 100% HP)
- Artists should be able to make more art with spray paint.
- Artists should have the powers of all other roles. Because yes.

etc. etc.

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