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Bloody's Rule Guide

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1 Bloody's Rule Guide on Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:30 am

Bloody's Guide To Simple Rules:
**This Guide is just to help you all, it's also a minor rant! Whopdedo!**
Please Note: Not all server rules are the same, some change greatly, these are just basic rules that most people SHOULD follow. If you do not see them on a server's MOTD, or they're not the same, you do not have to follow them exactly like this.
1. Don't RA or RK. Have a VALID reason and emote.
a. Valid Reasoning: You're the killer; someone tried to kill you; someone lethally harmed you; you were driven insane by all the murder going on an became a second killer, ect.
b. Emotes: Oh god...
VALID emote: "xxxx rushes up to xxxx, slicing them quickly with their weapon, filled with a bloodlust."
INVALID emote: "xxxx attacks"
2. Lethal Versus Non-Lethal. Dont beat someone with a metal bat because they painted you in the face and ran.
a. An example of this is, say you blocked someone in a room for some reason, you werent going to attack them, just trap them in there, so they nonlethally attacked you, would it be right to attack them lethally? No. Sure, in real life, the items in this game can harm you greatly but no one ever actually RPs the harmful effects anyways. If they did, they'd RP not getting up after getting hit with a damned wooden bat in the first place.
3. Do not use stupid emotes for attacks.
a. Perfect example:
Sakofe Obarama  pounces upon Hikaru
Sakofe Obarama vigorously bites Hikaru Takamiya!
No. Seriously. Read that. "Pounces Upon."
Put simply, That could mean ANYTHING. He could've been HUGGING him.
A better emote would be:
"xxxx pounces upon xxxx, attempting to bite his neck to drink his blood."

And even THAT isnt good.
4. Metagaming: DOS AND DONTS
a. In Deathnote mode, heres what you DO know: Theres a killer, you can pick to know about kira.
You DO NOT know: About the deathnote, about how kira kills.
Why? Thats metagaming. How? Because thats OOC info in IC. You get banned for that.
c. DO NOT: Say over the OOC: Hey guys, I'm kira. Or perhaps do not say: I am Shihari Katsuri gaiz.
5. Rushing And Hoarding: The MOST Severe Problem
a. This seriously means do not run around before the delay is off going anywhere but classrooms and the courtyard-- Oh and the kitchen.
b. Rushing means to run to every classroom looking in dem teachers desks for tasers, or rushin' to that basement for dat alondite. Or rushing to the nurses office for dem meds.
c. Oh. Hoarding? Heres something you should use to limit yourself:
1 Low Lethality Weapon
1 High Lethality Weapon
1 Blunt Weapon -or- 2 Paint Cans
2 Super Regens
One Medkit
6. No Netspeaking: Oh. My. GOD.
a. This rule, yes, please follow it. Why? Because humans do not: "OMG GYZ I FND MDKT."
b. This means to type in proper ENGLISH sentences.
7. Forced RP rules.
a. You cannot force another person to RP how you want. This is impossible. forcing another person to RP is dispicable and theoretically undoable.
8. You are an ordinary high school student. You can pretend to be something else but aren't. No godmodding.
a. Thanks Arina. This rule makes perfect sense. However...
2a. Godmodding: The act of powerplay; in otherwords, playing as if you're an all powerful being or not normal. This is technically saying someone cant hurt you, or saying you're a witch when you're human.
9. Do not advertise unless authorized by host.
a. Pssh. Noobs. Why do you even post links unless the host is missing when autohost isnt on?!
10.  Don't randomly chop doors. Refer to rules about RK/RA - you need a reason.
a. This technically does break that rule, thanks Arina again.
11. No cybering. If people do cyber, feel free to kill them. You will not be prosecuted.
a. Cybering is against BYOND's TOS, you can get banned from BYOND for cybering if someone goes to the trouble of reporting you for such.

**Did I miss something? Feel free to add onto it!

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