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Weapons/Fun Items Suggestions.

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1 Weapons/Fun Items Suggestions. on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:38 pm

I feel like Pyrce High has changed alot, but the weapons Haven't. Here are some of my weapon Ideas, Feel free to post more, And i know some of these have already been posted, But i feel like these should have their own thread.

Nail Gun
Purpose :A Ranged Weapon
Spawn : Toolboxes/Basement (If Normal-Very High Spawn Rate)
Spawn Per Round : About the same as an Axe.
Damages : 5-20 (Or 25 For a 'Critica')
Consumes Nails : 5 Uses per Nails (item)
Chance of Successful Hit : 75%
Change of Bullet Stray(Chance for it to hit the person next to the target) : Depends on Current Stamina.
Stamina Use per use : 5-10

Purpose : To Bind Enemies (Must Be Knocked Out)
Uses : Unlimited (Unless the person bound cut the rope with a Knife, Then the item Dissapears after use, Like a Black Feather)
Spawn : Basement/Other Areas
Spawns In : Counters/Metal Containers
Spawn Per Round : 2-3

Purpose : A Funny item that edit's your sprite to cover the Face. Hides your name and idenity, Your name becoming The name of the mask then your gender, For instance, A butterfly mask. If a girl wore it their Alias would become 'The Butterfly Mask Girl'. Alias changes back to normal after use, Your hair does not change.
Uses : Unlimited
Spawn : Theatre
Spawned In : Closets, Wooden Crates, Trashcans
Spawn Per Round : 5-7 (They are pretty useless, Unless you haven't seen the persons hair color earlier this item is really just for fun.)
Different Mask Ideas : Butterfly Mask, Cat Mask, Bloody Mask, Zombie Mask, ect.

Regular Notebook
Purpose : Just a Regular Notebook that you can tear pages out of.
Extra Purpose In DeathNote Mode : Normally you can tell when a DeathNote is being opened, Now that problem is solved to add more confusion and fun.
Uses : Unlimited
Spawn : Same Places 'Paper' Item Spawns
Spawns : ^
Spawn Per Round : They are just slightly less common than Paper and Pencils

Large Nail
Purpose : A sharp spike pulled out of a Metal Container.
Damage : 7-10
Stamina Used : 8
Spawn : Basement
Spawned In : Metal Container
Spawn Per Round : 3

Ketchup (I Really Wish This Would be Re-implimented)
Purpose : To use as Fake Blood, Able to put it on the ground, Yourself, Or your weapon.
Uses : 1-2 Per Ketchup
Spawn : Kitchen/Freezer Room
Spawned In : Refridgerator
Spawn Per Round : Alot ( They are just for fun, not really a super-useful item ).

Purpose : A Metal sword used to slash others hidden by a Kendo Member who took his club to seriously.
Damage : 8-12
Stamina Used : 7-8
Spawn In : Wooden Boxes
Spawn Per Round : 2 At Most.

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2 Indeed. on Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:57 pm

I like this very much.

If this was facebook, I'd like it, then unlike it just to like it again.

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