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Unban Please :3

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1 Unban Please :3 on Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:14 am


My last unban request was somehow wiped off the forums and I believe I am still banned. Since I do not feel like going into detail again this one will be shorter Razz.

Key: XXRentenXX
Banned by: The Shinigami Rem

Banned from: The Shinigami Remn hosted server

Reason: Shinigmani got really mad and raged at me in full caps fro calling a girl's character..not the girl, but her IC character a "Pink haired slut". I said this because she was helping the killer kill people and the killer happened to be The Shinigami Rem. At the end of the round I found out that the girl was actually the killer, she just got Rem to kill people for her and I guess Shinigami rem and the girl know eachother somehow because he raged at me before banning me and when I asked hoq to apply to unban he refused to tell me. Obviously I found out and here I am. I said sorry to the girl and told her I was talking about her character but her and shinigami still thought I was talking about her.

So I am sorry, can I please be unbanned Razz . lets hope this one doesn't get deleted from the forums.

2 Re: Unban Please :3 on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:31 pm

Renten. Stop. It wasn't wiped. I put it into the proper thread under Server Unbans. That subforum is where you ask a host for an unban. The main section is for unban requests to staff members.

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