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Pyrce high: Thusly So(Teaser)

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1 Pyrce high: Thusly So(Teaser) on Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:34 pm

This is a prologue to the events of Pyrce High itself, in the eyes of one of my characters. If you'd like me to add your character to the story, Post your character's information such as Age, Hair color, eye color, height, and personality. Also, if there's something that you think I should add, then please do tell me.


I wonder if I could do something out of the ordinary before I die…?

They say that those who are blind have super sensing ability’s. Hah. Right.

I’m going to save you, because I’m the hero!

… …. ….. …. …F… … …Friend.

I’m sure we can solve it! Just give it time.

I hope for a day where I can go an entire afternoon without losing my lunch.

When will this end?

Thusly So

A normal day in Pyrce High. That’s what it was. Sixteen-year old Ippan White (Oh, but don’t call him Ippan) stretched in his seat, barely paying attention to the lecture that their purple-haired teacher was giving. It wasn’t that important, something about English techniques or something like that. It was nothing important at all. He glanced about the room. Some of the students were paying attention, others doing the same as he. He had his music on very quietly. He didn’t want it confiscated like it was earlier. He noticed a girl with pretty long green hair, and…was she wearing a crown? Nevermind, this school was always a bit strange in his eyes. He has always wanted to move out, find a different life. He was only sixteen, though. He had about two more years to go.

“Ippan. Ippan. Ippan White!”The teacher suddenly called. He turned his head quickly over to her, eyes slightly widened. She made a frustrated noise, before turning to the board.”White,”she began, “please explain to the class the fundamentals of…”

His mind went totally blank before she even finished the sentence. He despised English, really. It wasn’t that he was bad at it, no. It was because it seemed so useless. We can all speak English, so why have a class on it? He gave a numbing reply to the teacher.

A blonde student with long hair suddenly stood. He waved his arm about, wanting to say something. White struggled to even remember the boy’s name, but stopped bothering. Guy was mute anyway, what did he want?

“Yes, Allen?”called the teacher.

“… … …,”He said nothing, running up the head of the class and giving the teacher a paper. He sat back down again, that same, cheerful smile on his face. The smile was normally contagious, but at the moment, it just irritated White. Who the hell can be so cheerful when they’re in school?

“The answer is…Yes, good job,”the teacher nodded, smiling a little and going back to her lecture. White glanced to the clock, hoping, praying that the period would end soon. Ms. Yuki was a good teacher, really. Nice, forgiving, kind…She was all of those. It was almost a fairytale-teacher. She was even pretty-not that White was into that sort of relationship.

White let out another bored sigh. He leaned on his desk, tapping his pen against it. Ah, yes…The bell would be lovely.

Within time, the bell finally rang for lunch. White cursed in happiness, something like ‘Fuck Yeah’ before he stood up. Abruptly, his music stopped playing for him. He put on a blank face, looking down at the now dangling cord to his headphones. He sighed, and then gave a smirk.

“That’s mine, Black,”he called out to the teenager behind him who just so happened to be surfing through the songs on White’s iPod. He grinned in a devilish fashion, before tossing the device to White. He caught it, reconnecting it and slipping it back into his back pocket. It was almost a ritual by now. “Ass,” he muttered with a grin.

On the other side of the room, the mute teen stood up and ran out of the room. Who knows what it was about? White shrugged turning and walking out to go to lunch. This really was a good place to socialize, anyway. He waved a farewell to the purple haired teacher before stepping out.

The hallways were busy, as was normal during lunchtime. White glanced around, trying to pick out some people. There were many people that he knew, but he tended to pay attention to the more…interesting people in the crowd. Besides that, this was actually a relatively small school. If you compare it to other schools, that is....

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