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Faded and Fading

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1 Faded and Fading on Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:17 pm

The last thing I really remember of the living world was me cursing it to be fucked. Or something. Something like that, yeah. I really hate the world, you know. It’s very unfair. So unfair. God, I can still feel where the billhook plunged itself into my….never mind. Thinking about it makes the pain come back. I really hate pain, here, in the afterlife. Oh, you want to know what it’s like? Sorry, I don’t think I’m really supposed to say. That’s for when it’s your time, now isn’t it? Heh, don’t worry, you’ll understand when it’s actually your time. Me? I found out too early, but I digress. Don’t many people die early, anyhow? I guess I’m not an exception. Just another thing that doesn’t set me away from the crowd, I suppose. I complained about things like that, but…Does it matter now? Not that I know of.
Let me explain some things here. If you have a brain, you’ll have realized now that I am dead. Dead. Six feet under. Kicked the bag. Fucked up. Yeah. How did I die? Wouldn’t you like to know? Here’s a story. I used to be a sixteen year old in high school. Starting out as a Junior. That’s pretty normal, isn’t it? No, I didn’t commit suicide. No, I didn’t end it all. I may’ve been depressed at times, but I never went that far.

I was chosen.

Ever heard of The Hunger Games? Or perhaps the Battle Royale? It was something like that. I was sent to detention again(God I did that so much) with my good friend, Asher Crane. I call him Black, by the way. It's sort of played off the fact that he has black hair. He calls me white, and my hair's white. He's Caucasian by the way. I'm not racist. Did you think I was?  Anyway, I conked out suddenly. When I woke up, I was explained the rules of what I was chosen for. Thirteen students, have to fight to the death. We don’t entertain them, we explode. We try to escape, we explode. Do anything that pisses them off…We explode.

It was all well. It was fine. I mean, it’s not like I had much to live for. I had no idea about Black, though. He was skilled, and he had a way with talking. He took my ipod so many fucking times that I can’t even count anymore. Stealing my shit aside, he was basically my buddy during this entire shithole of a mess game. I say that we did decent. I mean, I was stabbed near the beginning by some douchebag that later murdered my ass, but I digress.

It was probably my fault that I died. I panicked. I ran away from Asher with the murderer in pursuit. I didn’t even know the guy’s name. Maybe I did, but I don’t remember it now. I just remember running into the anime room. I thought I could shut the door in time, but he slammed it open. Guy chased me around the room, slicing at me. I managed to land a few hits with that bat that Black helped me build, but in the end I was no match. I was too average. I wasn’t a fighter. With my last inch of life, I screamed a curse to the world.

Then I fell.

When I opened my eyes again, I was…Well, I wasn’t in the afterlife. I was standing next to my corpse, really. Let me tell you, it was disgusting. I checked myself for injuries, and then realized that I had none. I had no pain. I felt nothing wrong. Infact...I’m sort of surprised that I could see and hear. I saw that fucker take my key, by the way. Really rude to ransack someone’s dead corpse, you know. My immediate thought was a question that could easily be sentenced thusly. Where the fuck is Black during my death? Yeah, it was pretty stingy of me, but I think I had a hint of concern for the guy, too.

I soon inferred that I was a ghost. Yeah, surprised me too. Apparently, something was holding me back, and so I was unable to transfer to the world of the dead or whatever the hell they call it now. I was able to walk through walls, doors, what have you. Soon, I found Asher. He was looking around for something. He took a broom, which initially confused me. The fuck are you going to use a broom for, buddy? I followed the guy, wishing he could at least look at me. He went through me once, and god that was really fucking creepy to watch him just phase through me.

So, I followed the guy around, watched him fetch an axe. I felt like a stalker. It was ironic, because I was accusing him of being one earlier while we were cooped up in the security room. I suppose you could say that my entire life was Ironic. That really annoys me, by the way. I may have made a few snarky remarks, but it was answered with silence and more foraging for tape. Then, he made his way upstairs. I glanced about, hoping that the fucker who cut me down wasn’t there. He wasn’t, luckily. That made me nearly sigh in relief, but I realized that I had no lungs in which to sigh with.

Black made his way to the anime room. You know, the room in which my mangled corpse lay in. The room was locked (The fucker probably locked it so that my corpse could go unnoticed. Uncaring son of a bitch.), but luckily Black had an axe. Guy chopped it down in about five swings and walked on in. I was…was I curious? Or was I afraid? I don’t know, but I was something about how Black would react to my bloody corpse. He stared at it…then started talking. Admittedly, it felt sappy, but I also felt warm. He cared, huh? That thought alone made some part of me feel really light, as if I were almost ready to disembark again. Not quite yet, though…

I suddenly heard buzzing in my ears. It annoyed me at first, but then I realized that it wasn’t buzzing…It was music. Black turned my iPod on, so I could listen to my favorite songs until the explosion that would inevitably happen. That was nice of him. I mean, he probably did it more for himself than for me. Because, if I were him, I wouldn’t bother because he would be fucking dead and who the hell can listen to music when you’ve got gigantic gushing wounds of- nevermind.

I realized then what I was even here for. I needed to know if Black would survive. If he did? Great, I may stay to haunt him till he dies. If he doesn’t?....I’m not sure, really. I guessed that I would have to pass on, for maybe there would be a chance to meet him after that. I’m not sure, though. His life and mine…they were very different. I’d probably end up in Purgatory or whatever and he’d end up in what…Hell? Heaven? Fucked if I knew.

I followed him out of the anime room. He never did look back, and personally I’m glad he never did. My body looked so degrading and, you know, dead. He went onto his adventure in the land of shithole for a damn roll of tape.

He came across this dude with a teddy bear. I wondered what the person was doing there while they conversed, but then I realized that almost no one here belonged in the hell game that they were in, so eh. Guy seemed nice, so I hoped that he’d at least have a painless way to die. Seeing as, most likely, he would.

Then he came across someone who finally gave him tape. The girls gave me chills. How the hell do you give a chill to a fucking ghost who’s already dead? Don’t answer that, my head may explode. Anyway, it went alright for a little longer…till the fucker who killed me appeared. I may have screamed and tried to punch the guy a bit, but then quickly stopped because fuck being a ghost agh.

It took me some time of fuming to realize that Black was slowly getting aggravated at the guy, as well. I turned my sights towards him, noticing his makeshift spear enduring a very firm grip. I kept switching views on the fucker and on Black. I almost urged the guy to jam his spear up the fucker’s ass or something, but he was outnumbered. That would get him killed, and I didn’t really want that at the time.

It went fine after that. He left. At least, he was fine till he found them again. The instant that they went to chase him, I just yelled. I’m not sure if I could’ve yelled at the top of my lungs because mine were currently bleeding out on the ground, but I digress. He didn’t run at first like I shouted. He was fucking outnumbered, what the hell was he doing?! He finally took off the other way as he sustained enough fucking damage. God, he was bleeding in about twelve different places. I ran alongside him, trying to tell him not to stop running. With injuries like that, though, it looked like he could collapse.

He didn’t. He stopped running.

I screamed at him, “Continue you fucking idiot!” with no luck. He couldn’t hear me. He could probably hear his opponents fast approaching behind him. He muttered something that I couldn’t hear over the music that continuously rung in my ears.

Sorry to say, I closed my eyes and covered my ears as he got slaughtered. I just heard the sound of bashing and slicing and then a thud. Was he dead? I slowly uncovered my ears, not daring to open my eyes.

“I’m sorry White. I let you down…I let everyone down….”

I wanted to tell him that he fought like a great motherfucker-but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even move after that line. Instead, My senses faded away. You could say that it all faded back to white.


White glances up, sighing. He’d been waiting for who the hell knew how long. What was taking that iPod stealing asshole so long? He readjusted his headphones, before turning around and-

Oh, his music’s gone.

He immediately whacked something behind him, managing to hit a boy with black hair. With an ‘Ow’, he chuckled and turned the music back on. White smirked, turning around.

“Ready to go? You take a really long fucking time, you know that?”White just shook his head as he spoke in that same, smartass tone.
The black haired boy stretched a little, glancing away while answering, “Why not? We don’t have much to lose, do we?”

They both took a half a minute to stare at each other, before turning towards something that resembled a school door. The black haired boy walked over, opening it.


Warning: Dead body located on the premises. Simple program analysis highly suggest either murder or assisted suicide; saving video feed from just before the event. Facility has been locked down until This System's authorities can be reached.

White sits up on his desk, grumbling about how something was really loud. He blinks away tears, yawning and-Tears?
He wipes them away, wondering why the hell he was crying. He tries to remember something, but shrugs. He especially loses track of his tears when his Music abruptly pauses…

And so they’re fading into the clockwork once more

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