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Opt-out of game-wide moderation

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1 Opt-out of game-wide moderation on Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:01 pm

I played Mitadake High back in the day and felt like playing it again. But while reading the rules here I understood that there are ''game wide admins or moderators''.

Now my question is: is there a way to opt-out of this? Pull a switch so nobody except for myself would have administrative rights to in-game and server options?

Or can I simply add a message in the MOTD about this and the current admins/moderators would understand not to get involved on a moderation level?

The game-wide rules seem fairly logical, I'd have no problems following that. I'm assuming we're allowed to host custom maps with some random battle royale event though. Like if I want to bring a bunch of friends together to have fun.

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2 Re: Opt-out of game-wide moderation on Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:49 am

Well first and foremost, I'd like to point out that on MH there were gamewide moderators. You may not have seen them, but I promise they existed.

Second of all, it is in no way possible to opt out of server moderation, we're meant to keep the order, it wouldn't be right if a host could just shut us off.

Last but not least, on account of the rules:

Nii-Nii Satoshi wrote:The Gamewide Rules are flexible to hosts, and always have been. Only rules one, five, six, seven, and eight are strictly enforced across all servers. The rest of them are, more or less, rough/minimal guidelines that are to be enforced if the server has no other rule put in place to address it. They are bare minimums that are required on public servers.

I shall try to address them as best I can.

Rule Two: Hoarding and Rushing are both illegal across all servers. The host can set their limits for hoarding as they please, but there must be a limit.
Rule Three: This one is not a guideline, but a full on rule. However, we have become a bit more lenient with names, and as such this is not taken entirely as strictly as it used to be.
Rule Four: The RA/RK rule has always been a rough guideline, put in place not by myself but by you, Frosty. If you'll remember, this bare minimum was brought about by yourself and Braska. You two defined this rule, not me. This rule makes it so, in a server with no defined RK/RA rule, it is defined as attacking without proper indication of intent through words or emote. (Even though your server is pretty much the only one to not have mandatory emotes nowadays, the bare minimum has always stood as is)
Rule Nine: The strictness of needing to follow your role to the tee has always been up to the host. This rule only exists to ensure that players cannot ignore their role in game, and must acknowledge it within their RP.
Rule Ten: This is not even a rule. This is insurance to us, as staff, and hosts that people can not abuse any typos or holes within Gamewide or Server Side rules without running the risk of being punished.

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3 Re: Opt-out of game-wide moderation on Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:16 pm

I should also add to this that, for those wondering:

No. RK Rounds are not against the Gamewide rules. While they are not suggested, a host may host a PVP round every so often so long as they expressly state that it is such for that round alone..

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