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Legend of the Cranes

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1 Legend of the Cranes on Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:03 am


With my Pyrce High character, Asher Crane, his family supposedly came straight from legend. So, I decided to write up the legend of the Crane family.

Once upon a time… there was a family of Cranes. These Cranes were quite adept thieves, and could steal a coin from your pocket without you noticing. A rich man was walking by these Cranes, and they stole his coin purse. He didn’t notice it at first, but soon he noticed the absence of its weight. He turned on the Cranes, and asked, “Why did you steal my coin purse?”

The Cranes replied, “We stole your coin purse because we are hungry and need coin to buy food.”

The man told them, “There is a Poor man, who lives just in the next town, and he has stolen my sword. Steal it back, and I will give you tenfold the coin you have stolen.” The Cranes agreed.

Later that night, the Cranes went into the poor man’s house, but the poor man woke while they were in the process of their theft. “Why are you stealing my sword?” He asked.

They replied, “Because a rich man said that the sword was his, and he would give us tenfold coin if we retrieved it.”

The poor man told them, “Can you not see that all I own I have worked hard for, and that item is the only thing of worth I have left? The rich man is cruel and a liar, but I am honest and hardworking.”

The Cranes were enraged that they had been lied to, and the next night they stole into the rich man’s house, and took all that he owned. The rich man was infuriated that he has been found out, and sent his army against the Cranes. But the lead Crane was adept in the manipulation of fire. He spread his fiery wings to the sky and defeated every soldier sent against him. Left without soldiers and wealth, the rich man was left with nothing. Ever after, the Crane stole only from those who made their riches dishonestly.

Moral: Make your living honestly.

Since the days of this story however.... the legend has faded. The most you would hear about it now is the occasional, "Work hard or the Cranes will get you!"

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