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Heat Haze Daze-Pyrce High Lyrical Version

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1 Heat Haze Daze-Pyrce High Lyrical Version on Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:32 am

“It’s August 15th at 6:00 Night.
It’s another day at Pyrce.
The moon is coming soon.
So sick of these sleepless days, I can’t wait to rest once more.
So I spent my time, having a conversation, sitting next to you.
‘Hey, but I…I really hate this school’ I said such a daring thing right from under my breath.
Ah, as I stood to walk away
You went to follow but right then
A magical blow came from the door-
These golden butterflies would come to rip it all away.

With a breeze, they broke us all apart
Without any worry it just began to start
Like clockwork, we all began to fall
Bones, they all broke as the blood started to come, I know
Why couldn’t I move at all!?
Is this simply supposed to happen?
So, without any warning, I heard a small cat cry and
Quite soon I fell back into a deep sleep.

Sitting up from my desk I could hear ticking clocks
The shock will mock my ever ringing head-
I looked up at the time.

August 14th at 5:50 Night, it’s another warm day here at Pyrce
Yet the sound of a cat continues to cry in my mind
‘Hey, you know? It’s strange, isn’t it? I had a bad dream again…’
‘Hey…Maybe we should both leave…’
But, as we walked into the courtyard
The screams of the students called out to us,
So soon, the room was coated in a crimson red.

The slicing would never end,
We never had the time to spend.
Right behind you, I watched
Just like a ticking clock
I filled the air with my harsh screams.

Please, be lies, this heat is mocking me-
‘What you see is exactly what you’re gonna get’
Oh, the cat again
My vision’s all blurry again
But, I swear you fell there with a grin on your face.

So Endless, these eternal nights
Once more, the grins will come every day.
You’ve been dying for what seems like centuries-
We’re trapped in this cycle known as hell.

This story, which may be cliché
It has an ending, which will matter, anyway
Far away, I hear it on that warm night…

Rushing in, I pushed you to the side!
The butterflies, they didn’t wonder why-
These burns, how they hurt, however, I will assert
I saw your eyes widen now-

Were these lies? The heat is now silent-
No ‘What you see is exactly what you’re gonna get’
Finally, after all this time
Rest will be mine
But, that’s all I’ll say-So this will end now!”

August 14th at 5:50 Night, another student raises from their desk
Muttering once more.
‘’Guess I failed again,’’ they said as they looked to their broken clock.

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