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1 Pyrce High Rules on Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:04 pm

princess kyo

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Here is a general list of rules that hosts typically have on their servers. You may feel free to use this list on your server or edit them as you please.

These rules are not globally enforced! This is a basic guideline for new players!

1. Do not Randomly kill/randomly attack - Don't randomly kill other players! It is necessary to have a reason when chopping someone to bits!

2. Don't use netspeak in game - You'll want to type in proper sentences when in character. Remember, you are role-playing, not texting!

3. Don't metagame - also known as IC in OOC/OOC in IC, metagaming is applying out of character information into the game.
OOC in IC example: "You have a black book! You are Kira!"
IC in OOC example "<player1> Master Braska is the killer!"

4. Don't cause drama - Drama in game is all fine and dandy, but when people get all hot and bothered outside of character, things aren't as fun.

5. Don't cyber - This one is the only rule that will be globally enforced by our administration team. Please do not perform any sexual act on a server. You will be instantly banned.

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2 Re: Pyrce High Rules on Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:10 am


Tacking on some new rules.

6. No Hoarding. This means no taking more than a certain number of an item. For keys you may have 2, healing items you may have 3, and you may only have either the Alondite or the Seventh, not both.

7. No Rushing. This means going to key areas like upstairs or the basement right as the round starts. Most servers have an Attack Delay but if it isn't set, use common sense.

8. Do not use names from fiction. You may use parts of a name but not the whole name. You must also use a name that makes sense, so nothing like "Death Bringer".

9. This list is subject to change and can be modified depending on the host's set rules.

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